The transnational terrorism network is threatening freedom and security of all nations. The security of America relies on sustained vigilance of Front Line Officers and their abilities to deter, disrupt, prevent and respond to future attacks. Repeated arrests of home grown radicals and the latest intelligence reports indicate that the threat of terrorist attacks on US soil remains serious.

The same “Swarming” pattern of simultaneous, small-team attacks used in Mumbai could threaten public safety here at home.

Malls, airports, stadiums, train stations, and other public places are at risk of
Active Shooter and terrorist attacks. Schools are particularly vulnerable, exposing their students, staff and faculty.

To stop and contain these threats effectively, immediate intervention is critical.

The high density target-rich environment is one of the most challenging scenarios to which an officer can be called upon to respond. Unknown structures and large open spaces, crowded lines of fire, panic stricken bystanders, and the possibility of suspects hiding within, make intervention a complex task. Tactics developed to stop single perpetrators or for use with barricaded suspects have failed when applied against
heavily armed and trained terrorists and Active Shooters bent on self-destruction.

Front Line Officers nationwide represent a tremendous asset in assisting the FBI with their broad counterterrorism mission. There are many more local law enforcement officers working 24/7
then there are federal agents working worldwide. It is essential for local agencies to improve immediate intervention capabilities and provide the necessary training to responding officers.

Specific preparations and advanced firearm training is needed to prepare Front Line Officers to effectively respond and stop Active Shooters and terrorists from mass murdering unarmed, innocent civilians.

The Terrorism Responder - Safe Selective Shooter™ course fulfills this need.