Program Delivery

Course Length
Course Length is: 24 hours (3.0 days)

Training Location
Our team of professional instructors can deliver the training at any location in the United States or in Israel.

Training sites requirements include
  • Live Fire shooting range with vehicle access
• School / Mall / Building (unoccupied / afterhours / off season)
• Training mat room and classroom


Equipment Requirements
  • Marked and unmarked vehicle
• Designated communication channel


Personal Gear Needed
Duty Handgun with three magazines, duty gear including soft body armor, face
mask with goggles and padded clothing for the force-on-force training, flashlight,
eyes and ears protection, cleaning kit, and communication gear.

350 rounds of pistol and 200 rounds of marking munitions for each participant

Safety Plan
Our training methods produce maximum results in minimum time while maintaining the highest safety standards. We follow strict safety guidelines that allow students to train hard without injuries. The safety plan is taught to course participants and strictly enforced during training. Copies of the Safety Plan are available upon request.

Target Audience
The target audience for this course is public safety professionals licensed to carry a firearm whose duty includes response and intervention during Active Shooter or Terrorist incidents. Participation in this training program is restricted to sworn law enforcement personnel, front line and patrol officers as well as members of tactical intervention teams (SWAT / CTU) and detectives.

Training Prerequisites
The training prerequisites and prior knowledge/skills required for participation in this course are the successful completion of a basic Law Enforcement Academy and accreditation by Police Officer Standard of Training (POST) or other equivalent Federal/State/Military approved law enforcement training programs.

Course Fee
Cost varies between $550 to $850.00 each (based on the number of participants)
Hosting agencies receive one complimentary attendance for every 8 participants.

A copy of law enforcement / military identification is required for registration.
No visitors and no filming allowed.


Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion indicating training objectives.
Twenty Four hours of training will be certified.