Program Overview

The Terrorism Responder – Safe Selective Shooter™ course teaches a dynamic pro-active approach to mass violence incidents intervention and provides officers with the most sound and effective skills to quickly and safely stop Active Shooters. Course participants develop the specialized firearm and tactical skills necessary to respond with surprise and precision in order to minimize casualties.

The course consists of lectures, practice of practical applications, innovative live fire drills and advanced force-on-force simulation scenarios training. It is taught by instructors with actual combat experience. Students’ performance is tested in a full scale Active Shooter / terrorist attack scenario at a pre-approved location within their jurisdiction. One of the main objectives of this program is to connect training with exercises and encourage stakeholders to conduct regular exercises in their Area of Operations.

By effectively integrating the experience of Israeli Special Forces and Anti-Terrorist Units with the tactics used and lessons learned by US Special Forces and First Responders we have developed a course that teaches effective solutions to these threats. The course curriculum adheres to common First Responders Tactics Techniques & Procedures (TTPs). The skills taught can be adapted by officers with varying levels of experience and are designed to improve, augment, complete, and complement previous training.

This course has been funded in whole or in part by Homeland Security Grant # 10SHS11WR and is Accredited by P.O.S.T. Colorado.